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The Cord Cutting Technique: Find Emotional Freedom by Cutting the Cords of Attachment on Skype

The Cord Cutting Technique The Cord Cutting Technique CD (pictured right) is an audio product, developed by me several years ago, to help people outside of face-to-face therapy and counselling to release their damaging attachments to the past in a safe and effective way. This CD has sold all over the world, almost to every country in the world (well, to the english speakers in those countries) and the feedback has been tremendous. See the Cord Cutting Technique website for more details.

What is The Cord Cutting Technique and what are cords of attachment?
Have you ever been in an altercation with someone and afterwards you can't get them out of your mind? Do you spend hours of imaginary time thinking about what you should have said instead of what you actually said? Did the other person upset you to the point of you imagining them ill will or pain? Do you see yourself in some kind of physical struggle pulling them down, or hurting them in some other way? There is every likelihood you have created a cord of attachment.

Do you love someone so much it hurts inside? Is that possible? You love someone with ALL that you have and ALL that you are. This kind of hurt is often brought on by strong emotions, both negative and positive. When you love someone with your whole heart, soul, head and emotions, you can bet you are corded to them.

You are corded to your children, your parents, your partners, your lovers, your ex's, your friends, your grandparents, your cousins and your partner at the bridge club. Anyone that you share intensity with, good or bad, will cause you to be attached etherically, and an exchange of energy will occur. Consequently, if you engage with a highly negative person, and you feel completely drained afterwards, you are probably leeching energy to this person along your cord of attachment. Hence, in energy circles, we have a phenomenon known as energy vampirism in which needy people will attach themselves to you for the sole purpose of draining your energy.

What would be the benefits to me of doing this myself, or with you through Skype?
Let me ask you a question, or rather make some statements, that you might think about or even relate to.
  • If you can make peace with your past, you will immediately stop screwing up the present. Isn't that an interesting idea??
  • Many of us spend the last 50-60 years of our lives repairing the damage done in the first 5-6 years. I wish that wasn't true, but it really is!
  • Forgiveness is not about condoning someone else's contemptible behaviour. It is the one action that will bring you personal peace and happiness.
  • Time and release heals almost everything. So give time, time, and let go of everything else.
  • If you are angry, the only person hurting - is you! That is so true; the other person probably doesn't even know you're angry.
  • It's never too late to have a happy childhood. But the second one you create yourself, it's up to you and no one else.
  • No one can hurt you unless you give them permission, and no one is in charge of your happiness but you.
  • Don't take yourself so seriously - no one else gives a shit!
  • The most important sex organ in your body is your brain.
  • Remember you can never have enough pain, fear, hatred, loathing, disgust, spite, hostility or venom to make anyone else feel bad. But just wait and see what it does to you!
  • No matter how bad you think things are right now - it will change.
  • You become what you think about most of the time! If you spend your time hating other people, criticizing them, bringing them down, blaming them and wishing them pain and suffering, that's the one perfect way to make sure those same things rain down on you. You are what you think about most of the time!
If you relate, through emotional or physical pain, to anything written here, then perhaps I could invite you to consider joining me on Skype to help you choose your options for recovery. The Cord Cutting Technique is an excellent way to achieve your recovery goals. Happy Couple

What is the procedure for cord cutting sessions?
There is no set procedure, because everyone is different, so your sessions may be quite different, both in form and time, from someone else's. However, there is enough commonality to give you a rough guide.

1. The first session (30mins) will be a discussion and determination session. By that I mean we will have the opportunity to talk about the possible connections you feel you may need to find release from. This can be as brief or detailed as you feel you want to share, but it will give me some idea of the background of what bothers you most.

2. The second session (30mins) is The Cord Cutting Technique. I talk, you listen, you relax, you visualize, you do the work, you release, and together we shed you of the pain you've been going through.

3. Session three. Well, hopefully you won't need a session 3, but if you do, there may be more cords identified that you need to detatch from, or you may feel that a debriefing, or a consolidation of all that has happened, may be in order. You go on and enjoy the rest of your life.

Okay, I see how important releasing the past is. What can I do next?
I'm so glad you see how important releasing the past is. The Cord Cutting Technique is an easy, painfree way to achieve that goal. Please email me in the first instance. I have designed it so that you can achieve your emotional freedom in 30min slots of skype time. This allows you time to get a result, and then to reflect on how things change. How you feel, what your thoughts are, where you are emotionally and mentally. We can do one session at a time, with suitable spacing, so that you can do your own analysis, and then take another session, as often as you feel you need to continue. Once you achieve your emotional freedoms, then you can stop and live a fuller, happier life, without the distraction and disruption of the past.

How long does The Cord Cutting Technique last, and what if it doesn't work?
Cutting cords of attachment, when done properly, is a one time deal. Each cord you detatch from is a permenant cutting, and therefore lasts for all time; unless for some reason you feel you may need to go back and revisit the past, but this is very rare. Once they achieve their freedom, most people are estatic about it and would NEVER entertain going back. You CAN, however, re-establish the relationship on a new footing, one in which it is not so painful for you. This is why it is best to be guided through this process.

Let's just talk about when it seems a cord cutting hasn't worked. Firstly, it always works! If your true intention is to remove a cord of attachment, it always works. When it doesn't appear to have worked, we are usually looking at another ASPECT. What is an aspect? Yes, that's right, it is another cord. Perhaps you had a love, work, social, sexual, hate relationship with someone and only one or other aspect of that relationship was dysfunctional.

Do you mean there may be many cords to the same relationship?
That's exactly what I'm saying, yes. You see, you don't just interact with another person only on one level. If, for example, you were in a physically abusive relationship, and you wanted to decord from the pain of that memory, you could do that. But I often hear in relationship counselling, yes he hit me, or she threw rolling pins at me, but when we went out, dancing, for a meal, or to the theatre, it was wonderful. We felt close, sexually, physically, we were even in love. But when he got angry, I was in danger, or, when she got drunk, she would be all over other men. So you see, there are many 'aspects' to a relationship. Some you will need to decord from, some you may feel, you do not. That's the art of delivery of The Cord Cutting Technique, helping you to decide what to cut and what to leave. But in the end, it's all your own decision. I just see myself in the supporting role here. Good luck, see you on Skype.

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